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Abandoned wm

Abandoned Dreams

About ten years ago a group of land developers had a vision for San Carlos, a small ocean-side resort town in Northwest Mexico. The planning department got to work and upgraded the small town’s infrastructure in order to handle the thousands of tourists who would soon arrive. Roads construction was underway; hydro poles and hydro lines were erected; pipes for water supply and waste were installed underground. They had even built a real estate sales office and a model home (pictured above) and aptly titled – do you agree?    But nothing happened!    Apparently the planning visionaries had not done their due diligence in regards to land claims, and all building came to a halt. I do not have any information on whether this land rights issue has been or is now in litigation. But I do know that there are miles of paved roads and miles of hydro lines along those roads. The only things missing are the rows of cute little adobe houses.

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