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Situated in all its glory beside the Seine River in Paris, the imposing Notre Dame Cathedral dates back some eight hundred years. Taking nearly 100 years to complete, the original workers had long since passed on before the Cathedral was finally finished.

While doing research for this blog, I wondered if Notre Dame is on the left bank  or right bank of the Seine. To my surprise I found it is on neither bank, but is actually on an island in the middle of the Seine River. This island is named Ile de la Cite.

Initially I wanted to photograph the front of the Cathedral with the beautiful main entrance and Gothic facade. But in May 2016 when I visited, there was a construction fence across the front partially obstructing the view. Rather disappointed at not getting a good shot, myself and my traveling companions wandered on to explore other sights.  We crossed a bridge (don’t remember its name), and walked along the other side of the Seine. I just happened to look over my shoulder and spotted the side view of Notre Dame (image below). This view is not photographed as much as the front view, but you can still recognize it from its huge front pillars. Nice alternative angle, don’t you agree?

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

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