Having visited the likes of Winston Churchill’s Blenheim Palace, Buckingham Palace, and the ancient Palace of Alhambra in Spain, I did not think I would be easily impressed by pomp and circumstance. That was before my visit to Versailles, France.

The more than 2000 acres of property at Versailles was initially a hunting retreat for King Louis XIII and his courtiers.  Under the reign of Louis XIV Versailles Palace as it is known today was begun. The Royal Family used Versailles as an occasional residence, and then as the seat of government.

I so much wanted to get good photographs of the Palace’s interior, but I would have needed a tripod in order to use slow shutter speed for optimum lighting. Since that was not possible the few interior photos I shot are poor quality. I’ll keep them as a reminder of my trip to magnificent Versailles.

I’ve included a “painterly style” scene of Latona Fountain in the massive gardens as well as the actual photo. Since the photo is sharper you will be able to see gold statues of frogs, turtles and alligators, all with water spouts in their mouths. But you’ll need to click through to see a good, clear image. Unfortunately the spouts were not “spouting” when we visited. That’s a shot that will have to wait until my next trip.

Latona Fountain image, Versailles copy

Latona Fountain image, Versailles Palace

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Latona Fountain, Versailles copy

Latona Fountain, Versailles – painterly style

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Gilded Gates at Versailles Palace copy

Gilded Gate at Versailles Palace

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