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My husband and I had planned a meetup with our traveling companions in Paris, spring of 2016.  We considered taking in a side tour before Paris, and Brussels was decided on. Air tickets booked, hotel arranged, we were happily anticipating the departure date when we saw the horrific news about the subway station and airport bombings in Brussels on March 22nd. 

Only weeks before the start of our trip our plans suddenly became unsettled and indecisive. In just moments Brussels became a city in chaos with army vehicles transporting heavily-armed police into the area. Day after day we watched as police tried to restore order. This unraveling scenario fed into our fears of vulnerability and physical harm. Would Brussels be a safe place for us to visit? 

Weighing all the options, we kept close watch on the news each passing day. With only ten days to go we had to decide whether we would indeed still go to Brussels or cancel our flight and lose the money we paid for the tickets. 

I am so glad we did not act in haste because we had a safe and wonderful trip to Belgium. The only part of our vacation we changed was that I cancelled our hotel reservation in central Brussels and found an Airbnb apartment in lovely Ghent, a one-hour train ride west of Brussels.

Below is an image of the river that runs through Ghent center. I have fond memories of long walks along the Lys every morning and evening. 

More on Belgium in future blogs. 


Morning Stillness Along River Lys 

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