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As one travels into mid and southern Florida the Key West architectural style becomes increasingly prominent. I am referring to the design in the pretty cottage in this blog image. Sometimes the stucco exterior is painted in bright, bold colors, but more often you will observe these cottages are painted in softer pastels. This style usually has a wide covered front verandah loaded down with many flower pots and hanging planters. Some wicker chairs, perhaps a rocker, offer comfy relaxation.  A cute little white picket fence, usually not very high, completes the scene.

Now contrast the Key West style to the Spanish/Mexican “adobe” architecture which is  often seen in the south western states such as Arizona and New Mexico. The adobe design makes use of decorative wrought iron, an inner courtyard and arched windows and doorways. See the image “Adobe Welcome” in my blog entry of January 1, 2016 for an example of the Mexican architectural design.

Both architectural styles are distinctly different and have their own appeal.  Your preference?key-west-charm-copy

Key West Charm

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