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One Canadian Snowbird has decided to stay put this winter and try to muster the courage to see my way through to the delicious fragrances and colours of spring.

While typing this blog I’m sipping hot chocolate by a cozy fireplace and sorting through thousands of images of past winter vacations in sunny Florida. I can almost hear the surf lapping onto one of Florida’s hundreds of miles of sandy beaches and breathe in the saltiness in the air from the gulf waters. Then reality serves a blow as I look out my window and see yet another bleak day and another snowfall beginning.  Ah … back to my Florida Fantasy World!

Something I miss about vacationing in Florida are the beach walks. Morning power walks along nearly deserted beaches are great for the cardio system. Then on late afternoon and evening strolls with a camera I captured all sorts of outdoor fun activities.  And the glorious gulf sea breeze …  that’s what I miss most of all.