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Like most large European cities, a river flows through Brussels, Belgium. But the Zenne River in Brussels has a history that stands a little apart from other rivers.

In the early 19th century The Zenne was a major waterway, used for transporting goods, people and livestock to and from the City. But by the second half of the 19th century as Brussels was growing into a metropolis the Zenne became polluted and posed serious health hazards. Government officials decided the best remedy to the pollution problem was to cover over the river with a series of grand boulevards and public buildings.

Now fast forward to the 1930s. It was decided that the course of the Zenne should be changed, and the river was diverted to the City’s downtown periphery. It took many years and many attempts at water purification until the Zenne River once again became clean and safe.

Zenne River flows past luxury townhouses, Brussels copy.jpg

River View