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In 1873 a tiny island off the east coast of Canada became Canada’s newest province. At the time Prince Edward Island was promised a continuous link to New Brunswick, its nearest province neighbour some 13 km (8 miles) distant.

For more than 100 years ferry service and other water transportation carried Islanders across Northumberland Strait. However, harsh winters and stormy seas often made boat crossings dangerous and sometimes impossible. Ice would trap vessels, disrupting service for days.

Discussion of building a bridge, and the necessary funding for its construction began in Parliament in the 1960s. But cost estimates for this enormous project skyrocketed to such a price that the enterprise was put on hold for a few decades. Then in the late 1980s the “bridge” idea re-emerged.

In 1993 a private entity began construction of the bridge, taking four years to complete. Its official opening on May 31, 1997 deemed Canada’s Confederation Bridge the world’s longest bridge, an engineering feat, to be sure!

Julie at Confederation Bridge

Julie, my traveling companion at Confederation Bridge

Confederation Bridge spans Northumberland Strait, Canada

Confederation Bridge spans Northumberland Strait to Prince Edward Island, Canada