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In 1980, after receiving a picture postcard of a house made from bottles, Edouard Arsenault developed an idea to build his own bottle house in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Just nicely retired at age 66, Edouard began collecting bottles and spent winters in his basement washing and removing labels from bottles friends dropped off to help his cause.

Twenty-five thousand bottles of varying shapes and colours were amassed for this project.  By the end of 1984 Edouard’s painstaking work was rewarded in the completion of three buildings – main house, chapel, and tavern.  One of the images below shows a closeup of an interior wall in which bottles were carefully cemented into place.

Unfortunately the harsh winters in the Canadian Maritimes destroyed the railway ties used in the original foundations, and in 1992, several years after Edouard’s death, reconstruction to restore the integrity of the structures began.

I’m glad we took an hour to visit The Bottle Houses …. thank you Edouard!


Exterior view Bottle House, PEI Canada copy

Bottle House, PEI, Canada

Chapel interior, Bottle Houses, PEI Canada copy

Interior of Chapel, Bottle Houses, PEI, Canada

Closeup interior wall built from bottles copy

Closeup of interior wall, Bottle Houses, PEI, Canada