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We woke up soon after dawn on a bright summer morning, quickly brewed a pot of coffee and headed up two flights of stairs in our P.J.s.  The new day greeted us with a gorgeous 360 degree view from our vantage point on the 4th floor of our lighthouse accommodation on Prince Edward Island.

Situated about 10 kilometres from the Island’s North Shore, our lighthouse was purchased by a private investor and relocated after being de-commissioned as a working lighthouse several years ago.  Replaced by electronic guidance systems and other navigational tools, many such lighthouses are no longer used as marine warning signals.

Instead of demolishing inoperative lighthouses, the PEI government sells them to private enterprise. The result is a twofold benefit:  –  the gently rolling landscape of  PEI is dotted with the graceful shape of lighthouses, adding to the Island’s appeal;  – and, lighthouse vacation accommodation helps to fill the Island’s growing tourist population in search of unique holiday experiences.

Lighthouse adventure, anyone?

Lighthouse in a field in PEI with wild lupines in the foreground copy

Brackley Beach Lighthouse, PEI

View from Lighthouse

Julie enjoys view from top floor of lighthouse